Shamanic Healing Training Part 3

North Class - Hummingbird Path

As we enter the North direction we begin to understand our nature as vibration, as energy and that this energy can very easily fragment through trauma. This is the very essence we refer to as our Soul and that it is possible to recover this essential energy, vital life force that is imperative if we are to break out of the patterns and soul contracts we have written for ourselves. We learn the Soul Retrieval process. Having recovered this essential part of ourselves we sit with the Sacred and learn to rewrite the stories that live within us so that outlives can become a journey of epic proportions. A journey beyond the limitations we and others have put on ourselves and live a life of beauty and grace. We begin what will be a life long relationship with the lineage of Luminous beings, Medicine people and Master Shamans that exist outside of linear time and are always there to help us, guide us with our sacred work. We embrace our medicine and our true nature and shed the roles that bind us.

We'll be starting on thursday morning 10am and finishing around 6pm sunday afternoon.
You need bring - 3 stones, a rattle, a dowsing pendulum, flash light, pair of outdoor boots & raincoat.


Cost € 850 ( includes food & lodging )

To reserve your place booking deposit of € 250.00 is required no later than 31st January. For further info please contact me by email/ message me through Facebook.

I look forward to being part of your medicine journey. Blessings, Rajinder

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